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Light, Sound & Color Therapy

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Relaxation and Stimulation at the Same Time


In the AlphaSphere many people can disengage from everyday´s routine and plunge into a new quality of perception – in a very short time and without any practice or specialist knowledge. A lot of mental and physical effects have been captured by scientific studies:

• Stress Reduction • helps harmonize breathing
• Deep Relaxation • loosens tight muscles
• Energy Recharging • mulates skin circulation
• Creativity Enhancement • resolves body tension
• Efficiency Improvement • lowers high blood pressure

Vienna Artist and Designer Sha has created a relaxation lounger, which he named AlphaSphere. The shape of an over-all spatial solution optimizes relaxation time by fully immersing human senses with colour, light, sound, warmth and vibration. Different perception dimensions blend into one holistic multi-sensory experience. Hearing, seeing, feeling allows experiencing senses not as separate sensations, but as a whole. Colour, shape and light in unique combination with sound, vibrations and warmth lead to ultra-deep relaxation or even meditation.

The AlphaSphere lounger
reduces stress:
· enhances serenity and inner balance
· gives strength to deal with stressful situations
· helps maintain a good work-life balance
· increases calmness and mental efficiency

recharges human energy:
· helps find new strength
· creates a rewarding sensation of flowing
· enables mental journeys to an inner reservoir of strength
· activates natural self-healing powers

enhances creativity:
· stimulates imagination
· helps focus on core issues
· makes room for inspiration
· provides a feeling of comfort and trust

eidens perception:
· creates pleasant physical sensations such as weightlessness
· opens up a new dimension of sensorial delight
· intensifies body perception and self-perception
· broadens the limits of space and time

The shapes, colours and materials used for AlphaSpace are perfectly tailored to emphasize multisensory impact. Multi-layered lining creates a visual three-dimensional, wave-like movement, the so-called moiré effect. The human eye is rewarded with a new sensation of spatial depth. Spatial limits cease to exist.

Children who tried AlphaSphere showed amazing reactions, instinctively lying down on the floor – part of the enormous “Spatial Loudspeaker”. They wanted to experience the sounds with their entire bodies and “grasp” them with all their senses.

Adults apparently felt a “civilizational barrier” that kept them from doing the same. These reactions led to the creation of a cultural tool that would allow adults to plunge into an intense sensorial experience while remaining in a socially “safe” environment.

The design uniqueness and usability makes AlphaSpace popular in such location as hotels, spas, airports, beauty salons, fitness and wellness centers, etc.

In these locations the profitable business model provides:
· rapid amortization due to image-boosting asset
· low personnel expenses, it is easy to operate, doesn’t require previous knowledge, just plug & play installation
· low operating costs

»The AlphaSphere allows out-of-balance people 
to re-center themselves in a very short period of time.« 

This is the key assertion of the research papers in regard to the therapeutic effects of AlphaSphere. Detecting the wide range of effect-dimensions of the AlphaSphere different psychological and physiological studies have been done and scientific papers have been published. Under the direction of Prof.Dr. Thomas Slunecko, Vice-Dean of the University of Vienna´s faculty of psychology, the AlphaSphere was studied in various therapeutic contexts. In all, over 500 sessions with the AlphaSphere over a period of three years were documented; as such, knowledge of the AlphaSphere´s therapeutic effectiveness can be deemed consolidated.


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