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Vega test




  • Organ disorders
  • Vitamin/mineral deficiencies
  • Allergies
  • Fungi & parasites
  • Dental disturbance fields
  • Psychological stress

In a manner of speaking, the VEGATEST Method involves entering into a direct dialogue with your organism. Resistance is measured at a randomly chosen spot on the skin. The organism reacts with a clear Yes or No to the test substance that has been introduced into the test circuit.

  • The cause of your symptoms is traced down and can be targeted for appropriate treatment.
  • The Survey Measurement provides useful information about your functional capacity.
  • Buccal currents are measured to check for stress due to metals (such as dental fillings).
  • The pleasant allergy test: No pricking, no itching, no skin rash.

The VEGATEST Method provides information on organ weaknesses, pesticide and insecticide stresses, deficiency symptoms, parasite infestations, heavy-metal intoxication and allergies.

VEGATEST also uncovers geo-radiation, the causes of pain states and chronic as well as hitherto undetected inflammation foci. This way, the cause of symptoms – not just the symptoms themselves – can be treated.

Plus, the Remedy Test individually ascertains the most compatible for each patient.


  • Vitality
  • Chronic diseases
  • Inflammation foci
  • Allergies
  • Environmental stress
  • Regulatory capability

The VEGACHECK checks out the stimulus reaction of individual regions of the body. Anywhere the body reacts too strongly or weakly to stimulus is an indication of a disturbance in that region of the organism, which can become diseased if it isn’t already. The measurement session lasts a mere eight minutes and does not subject the body to stress or harm of any kind.

  • Overview in just eight minutes: an up-to-the-minute disease situation in your body.
  • Information as to your state of health in order to increase your sense of well being.
  • Uncovers allergies, pollution-induced stress and concealed inflammations.
  • Individualised therapy suggestions for targeted treatment of disorders.

VEGACHECK performs a thorough checkout literally from head to toe. VEGACHECK provides detailed information about disorders that classical examinations (X-ray, ultrasound, CAT scans and lab tests) are far from being able to register: inflammation foci, concealed or chronic diseases, as well as allergies and intolerances, can all be brought to light with VEGACHECK.

The device locates these disturbances in the body, generates diagnostic information and prints out a list of suggested therapies.

Vega test which began to gain mnore and more popularity among practitioners is a device known as the VEGA machine. The prototype of this sVega test ystem was developed by Dr. Reinhard Voll which is known as EAV method. The VEGA test device comes with a detecting probe which is pressed against the acupuncture measurement point by a practitioner. The patient holds a passive electrode in his hand, the electrode is connected to the Vega equipment, thus making a complete electrical circuit at the moment of acupuncture point testing. The detecting probe sends the measurement value of electrical conductivity from the points to the Vega test machine and software enabling a user to evaluate energy level of an associated meridian (organ) and the functions of different organs. For example, lower electro-conductivity of the point may signify about degenerative disease within an organ or low general vitality; higher values may indicate an inflammatory process.

Though Vega test can’t substitute conventional diagnostic methods, but in many cases it can be highly indicative revealing and correctly explaining patient’s complaints and undiagnosable cases of migraines, backaches, sleep disorders and other problems.

Vega test is performed with the help of the device, software and a metallic plate frequently referred to as metal honey comb with the holes on its cover. Each hole holds a small vial of a remedy or food to be tested. A practitioner measures the acupuncture points before placing the remedies into the metal honey comb and then after placing the remedies into cells. The comparison between the readings received enable a practitioner to evaluate if the acupuncture point and associated meridian are electrically normal or energetically imbalanced.

Vega has not been without controversy since its introduction to the West. This is largely because it is difficult to prove exactly how it works as glass is not electrically conductive. It seems very difficult for us in the West to accept anything unless we are able to see it and examine it under a microscope. If we can’t see it, it simply doesn’t exist. If we can’t prove how it works, then it obviously doesn’t work!

Fortunately, we have got to the stage now where, although we’re still not sure exactly how it works, there have been large number of people to testify to the fact that, over and above all else, the point is……Vega test works.

he “VEGA” Test Method

This is one of the systems capable of use within the field of Bio-electronic Regulatory Medicine (BER Medicine). It originated from electro-acupuncture according to Voll (EAV), which is based on measuring evoked electrical conductivity by the application of an electrode which passes 0.87 volts in a positive polarity, direct current, into specific acupuncture points. The VEGA-test requires the patient to hold a hand-held electrode. Instead of using specific acupuncture points, one point at the end of a finger or toe is used and an ampoule derived from an organ in the body is used as the main diagnostic indicator. In EAV the so-called indicator drop is the cardinal electrical abnormality, in the VEGA-test the disorder control is the indicator of dysfunction.

Key Benefits – Eradicating Toxic Load

Holistic practitioners perceive illness as developing from over exposure to toxic load, which can be physical, chemical and/or emotional.

Physical toxic load may result from injury, from excessive fatigue, from harmful electro-magnetic fields (caused by radio waves, computers and high voltage power cables, Ley lines) and from electric currents associated with toxic dental amalgam fillings.
Chemical toxic load may result from intolerance to certain foods and food additives, diesel,petrol and gas fumes, pollens, mercury from toxic dental amalgam, pesticides, detergents, fabric conditioners and other pollutants.
Emotional toxic load may be caused by poor relationships, anger and worry.

Homeopathy is an effective treatment for many of these loads on our body, in particular the emotional stresses we find ourselves experiencing. With regard to the physical and chemical toxic loads, having an awareness of our exposure and subsequent sensitivity to them is a large part of the cure, as in many cases we can make the necessary lifestyle changes to address them.



The Vega test device is capable of checking the energies of all parts of the body which reflect their health or disease. It is also possible to check both food and environmental intolerances.

Many health problems can be helped through VEGA Testing

These include allergies, chronic catarrh, asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety, depression, headaches, joint pain, dyspepsia, irritable bowel syndrome, eczema and psoriasis. Often one of the underlying causes can be identified as sensitivity to an everyday substance such as wheat, milk, yeast, pork, tea, fumes, detergent or house-dust mite. Bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic infections, geopathic stress (e.g. Ley lines), subtle predispositions (miasms), and mercury poisoning with associated electric currents caused by dental ‘silver’ amalgam fillings can also be diagnosed and treated under Vegatest control.

VEGA Testing for health screening

Bio-energy medicine can give insight into the nature of virtually every disease problem. It can detect potential medical problems earlier than conventional health screening, and may prove to be of clinical value in disease prevention. For example, an individuals most stressed organ (e.g. pancreas, lung, prostate) can be identified and supported, while environmental stressors can be identified and minimised.

Case Studies

Case Study 1

A child with eczema was found to be intolerant to cows milk. With a change of diet and a nutritional supplement selected under Vegatest control her eczema rapidly cleared up.

Case Study 2

A patient with long-standing irritable bowl syndrome was found to be intolerant to yeast and was advised to cut out bread and wine. He was also found to have a toxic mercury amalgam filled tooth associated with 250mV (0.25 volt) of electricity weakening his immune system and causing candida (fungal) overgrowth in his intestine. His symptoms largely cleared up within days following appropriate dental treatment, an appropriate change in diet, and medication for his candida selected under Vegatest control. At his second consultation he was treated for residual mercury toxicity and dysbiosis with homoeopathic detoxification and probiotics selected under Vegatest control. ‘Dysbiosis’ refers to unhealthy gut bacteria associated with leaky gut syndrome and food intolerance. ‘Probiotics’ refer to healthy gut bacteria, e.g. acidophilus.

Case Study 3

A patient with urticaria (persistent nettle rash), which had not been helped by antihistamines, was found to be intolerant to certain foods and drinks containing high levels of salicylates. He drank a lot of apple and blackcurrant juices, which contain salicylates. His rash cleared up with cutting out these drinks and with medication selected under Vegatest control.

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What Is It?

Vega testing is a fast, safe, painless, and most importantly, accurate way of gathering information about your body. Dr. Roy has used Vega testing extensively for 10 years and have found it to be a highly valuable tool for helping patients to understand the underlying causes of their health issues and achieve lasting improvements in their health.

Vega testing is also called Electro Acupuncture, according to Voll or EAV testing. It uses the acupuncture points in the hands as access points to your body’s sensitive electromagnetic system. From there, the machine measures electromagnetic fluctuations in your body in response to testing various elements. Clinically relevant information can be attained from those measurements.

Naturopathic physicians also use conventional blood work, medical history and physical examination to assess their patients. Vega testing is one more tool in the quest to understand the keys to unlocking your health potential.

What types of Tests are done with the Vega Machine?

The following test are performed:

1. Food allergy testing: We test 90 common foods to see which ones may be disturbing your body and which ones are not. Patients consistently see clinical improvements when they eliminate or limit the foods that the Vega test identifies. Your naturopathic physician will coach you on what you CAN eat so that you can easily transition to the diet that is right for YOU.

2. Organ Screen – we assess 67 different body parts on a three point scale: healthy, stressed, very stressed. The organ screen assesses organs such as the stomach, kidneys, lungs etc and other body parts like spinal segments, lymph nodes, eyes, diaphragm, adrenals and more. It is not a diagnostic test. Your naturopathic physician will use the results of this screen as clues to be investigated. Most times, patients report that the body parts that are flagged as stressed are the areas they are having trouble with. If new areas show up, it may give you and your doctor insight into your symptoms, or you both may decide to “watch and wait”.

3. Intestinal Flora imbalance: One the keys to the healthy functioning of the body is the presence of adequate good bacteria in the lining of the intestine. If the good bacteria are not present then yeast (Candida albicans), fungus and other opportunistic organisms will colonize the intestine, creating problems. (See the Candida article for further reference). This test assesses the balance of intestinal flora and reports the degree of Candida yeast present on a scale from 0-10. Zero indicates a healthy balance of flora. Ten indicates a lack of good bacteria and an overgrowth of Candida and possibly other opportunistic organisms. If necessary, your naturopathic physician will discuss an intestinal cleansing program to reestablish the healthy bacterial flora. This test is included in the Food Allergy Profile.

Why use Vega testing when there are other forms of testing available?

The advantages of Food Allergy Testing with Vega

– Results are far more accurate than scratch allergy testing and as accurate as the much more expensive blood tests.
– The test is virtually painless. No scratching and no blood draw.
– Most children and even infants can be tested.
– We can retest you after some time to see if your food allergies have resolved or are persistent.
– It is reasonably priced compared to blood tests. Blood tests are not covered by MSP unless there are exceptional circumstances like Autism.
– Dietary food elimination and reintroduction require months of dietary restrictions that may not prove fruitful.
– With Vega testing, you can eliminate foods that have a much higher chance of making a clinical difference.
– You get your results right away and can begin designing the dietary program that will lead you to greater health.

What should I do to prepare for the test?

Drink lots of water. Water assists the conductivity of the electromagnetic system. Your test will run more smoothly if you are very well hydrated. Please ensure that you drink abundant fluids the day before and the day of testing.

Just eat what you normally eat. If you are avoiding a certain food and have done so for a long time, then that food will not likely show up on the Vega food allergy testing. It is difficult for any test, including blood tests, to identify food allergies in foods you are not eating.

If you are taking anti-histamines or oral steroids, these medications may mask results.

Extreme fatigue or extreme stress can affect the testing. Try to ensure that you arrive at the test as well rested as possible.

What should I expect during the test?
– You will be seated in a chair at a desk. You will be asked to hold a metal rod that is connected to the machine via a wire.
– The test will be conducted by our trained Vega experts.
– A probe will be gently applied to your hand by the technician. It doesn’t hurt.
– You will receive a copy of your results immediately after your testing.
– At an appointment with your naturopathic physician, you can discuss the significance of the results and what treatments may be indicated. The Vega technician is not in a position to interpret results or advise you on treatments.

What is the history and science behind Vega testing?

For forty years, Vega testing has been used in clinics throughout Europe and North America. The concept that the body is a bio-regulatory mechanism under electro-magnetic control is not new. The Chinese developed a sophisticated theory of energy (chi) and bio-electrical control through the acupuncture meridian system of the body. The Indians developed an analogous system based on breath energy (prana) and electro-magnetic control points called chakras. It was not until the early 1950’s that a German medical doctor found that he could accurately locate acupuncture points using a simple electrical measuring device. He found that acupuncture points had a uniquely different electrical resistance (lower) than the tissues immediately adjacent to them. Dr. Voll mapped the entire body using his device which he called the DERMATRON.i He also discovered a method of testing the allergic response of substance using the Dermatron without physically introducing the material into the patient.

Dr. Voll’s technique involved a lengthy testing session with the patient to measure hundreds of points all over the body and resulted in a prescription involving several dozen homeopathic and herbal remedies.

In the early 1970’s, another German, Dr. Schimmell, a dentist, simplified Dr. Voll’s technique by inventing another electrodermal diagnostic device called the Vega Test. Dr. Schimmell took all measurements on one acupuncture point on the finger and varied which organ system was being measured by putting a homeopathic dilution of it into a metal honeycomb on the machine. Much research continues into the technique in Germany, and the method has more recently become completely computerized and automated through a device called the Segmentalelectrogram (Seg).

Dr. Julian Kenyon has done considerable clinical research in the application of the Vega technology to the field of clinical ecology at the Centre for the Study of Alternative Therapies in England.

At least three double-blind studies have been published on electrodermal allergy testing. Dr. Ali found a 73% concordance between electrodermal testing and ELISA IgE antibody levels for a variety of pollens and moulds.vii Dr. Kiop in Toronto found a 66% correspondence in identifying the neutralization sublingual dose for a variety of foods, chemicals and inhalants between the electrodermal test and intradermal sublingual testing.

In 1984, a University of Hawaii research team compared six different diagnostic modalities for assessing food allergies including history, food challenge, skin, RAST, IgE antibodies, and electrodermal.ix In over 300 tests, electrodermal testing matched the history 74%, the food challenge test 77%, skin testing 71%, and RAST testing 69%. This research group, which has already published several research studies, is embarking on an extensive five- year study on the efficacy of the electrodermal testing procedure in medical practice.

Vega Test Expert
The Vega Tests Expert allows us to electronically screen the body’s Meridian and Acupuncture points system, according to Oriental Medicine models.

During the testing, the patient is holding a probe in one hand while another probe touches an Acupuncture point on his/her hands or feet, thus creating a closed circuit between the equipment and the person.

The equipment delivers a very small and perfectly safe amount of energy through one of the probes (10-12 microamperes of direct electrical current at 1-1.25 volts) while the other probe waits to receive and measure that impulse and analyze how it traveled throughout the body, measuring the resistance to its path and its polarization.

The reading is a measurement of how much energy makes it through the circuit (the lower the resistance the higher the reading).

These technologies allow us to quickly and non-invasively determine your health issues, such as:

Acupuncture points and Meridians reading:

The computer stores the information of every Acupuncture point, correlating the information to the Meridians in the body (which one is drained, which one is in overtaxed). From there, the information is also correlated to the organs, glands and systems electrified by such Meridian.

These types of equipments were invented in the 1950′s by the German doctor Reinhold Voll, whose name was given to such modality (EAV or Electro Acupuncture According to Voll).

Medications and Nutritional Testing:

When a point is located that reads below 50, above 60, or has an Indicator Drop, various reagents can be tested in a process called medicine testing.

This is due and possible because all matter, including medicine, has a vibratory signal which is distinct from all other types of matter. This signal enters the patient with the current and reacts with the signals within the patient, often changing the reading.

If a reagent balances the reading, it will probably have a positive effect and can be considered for use as a medicine or dietary supplement. No response means that the reagent would have no effect. A worsening of the response will indicate a negative effect for the body.

Toxicity Testing & Removal

By detecting the signals coming out of a variety of substances within the body and comparing them to the database of stored frequencies, we can determine the presence of substances classified as “highly aggressive factors” for the health of the microscopic cell.

Most of these chemicals are entering our bodies via breathing, drinking, eating and absorption by the skin. Some of those detectable substances can be:

– Heavy metals
– Pesticides and fungicides
– Fertilizers
– Xenoestrogens (That are affecting the hormonal system of most women and men)
– Many other commonly household chemicals
– Allergy Testing

By selecting the particular frequency of a product and transmitting such to the body via the Acupuncture points, the resulting reaction of the body to such input is recorded. A variation of the normal point reading gives an indication if a particular substance creates a hyper-reaction for the particular patient.

The results of such EDST allergy testing have been compared to standard diagnostic modalities such as RAST, serum IgE, intra-dermal allergy skin testing, food re-challenge testing and allergy history analysis, with very accurate and effective results.

Dentistry Testing

Dr. Voll found that every tooth relates to different organs and tissues within the body. When a patient has root canals, inflammation, cavitations or metal amalgams, the related organs could be affected. It is more;

Dr. Voll felt that 80% of all health problems had major causes in the oral cavity

By exploring a patient from the dental perspective, the Medical Doctor can make a judgment if it is an organ the one affecting a tooth, or if it is the tooth who is affecting an organ. So, when dental work is done on specific teeth, the underlying organ is supported also.

These are some of the points of why Energy Medicine is such an important part of our Diagnostic and also our Treatment modalities.

The VegaTest Method is designed to be one part of an overarching, holistic personal health strategy.  It does not replace and should not be used to replace conventional medical treatment.  Consult your doctor for medical concerns and treatment. 

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e rejuvetaniton

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Recharge station


FRANŠIZA 500 000 E


A car needs fuel to run. When a mobile phone runs out of energy, it needs to be recharged.

But what can you do when you run out of energy – and the coffee and cigarettes, the chocolates and snacks don’t fill the batteries anymore? Tiredness leads to low performance and eventually – more seriously – lower immunity and ill health.

Imagine every business having its own internal energising and performance boosting centre onsite (located right inside its own walls) dedicated to servicing its employees to help them produce their very best.

This is our mission.

Now, certain employees have onsite gyms and canteens, company cars, company phones, company computers and pensions, and more. This makes them more productive and they enjoy more but still, in each company something is missing; a recharge station.

When our services are available within the company itself, you are looking at a revolution in the way business is conducted and the way the workforce is catered for.
E Rejuvenation provides the energy – quickly, efficiently and simply – to recharge your employees and prevent burn out and low performance.

Can you afford to do without it?

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Food 4 Life Market

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Food 4 Life Market

Food security refers to a person’s or community’s ability to easily and regularly obtain healthy, nutritious food. Those at the greatest risk of food insecurity include the unemployed, those on low incomes, single parent families, people living alone, public housing tenants, people with disabilities, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, refugees and migrants from emerging communities.

As many of these groups live in Warwick Farm in Sydney’s south west, Food 4 Life aims to decrease their food insecurity while increasing the opportunity for greater community capacity to address local problems and needs.

Community-based food cooperatives running in other parts of NSW such as Surry Hills and Emerton, have been shown to be effective in reducing the need for emergency food relief from charitable organisations.

What we are doing
The Food 4 Life Market is a food cooperative where residents from Warwick Farm can buy basic and nutritious food at an affordable price. Staffed by volunteers, it is running 3 days a week. The volunteers are from the local community and are trained in retail skills. Residents are entitled to shop once a week and the amount of food they can purchase is based on their income.The market  also offers cooking suggestions, budgeting advice and provide general welfare support.

The market is located in a house in Warwick Farm that has been provided by Housing NSW.

We will use process, impact and outcome measures to evaluate the food cooperative. Demographic information about the people using the facility and the physical, social and financial benefits will be gathered. We’ll also assess its effectiveness in improving the community’s access to healthy food and its sustainability. In addition, we’ll monitor the impact the market has on community cohesion and pride. Data was collected when the cooperative commenced and also bi-annually. The skills developed by the volunteers are also being assessed.

Partners and funding
Our project partners are The Salvation Army, Open Family Australia and Housing NSW. Joint funding to operate the food cooperative, and provide training and support to the volunteers until 2011 is being provided through The Salvation Army, SSWAHS, the Community Development Support Expenditure scheme (Clubs NSW), and Community Service‘s Western Sydney Area Assistance Scheme.

More information
Contact the Health Promotion Service on 9828 5911 or

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