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Functional Testing & Analysis

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Prior to manifesting a disease, the physical body will often experience symptoms, which are indications that there is some dysfunction in the normal physiological processes.
When necessary, body composition, laboratory and genetic testing can assist us in determining the underlying cause of your symptoms.

Infinite Health & Wellness Center provides in-house laboratory testing, so you do not need to set up another appointment with a lab. Our physician will gently draw your blood for analysis, as well as provide toxic metal hair assessments, urinalysis screenings and stool analysis services

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Communicate with Your Body Cell

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Embargoed for Release: Tuesday, August 13, 2013 11 a.m. EDT

NIH funds research to explore a cell communication process

Researchers will investigate the emerging field of extracellular RNA and its role in human health conditions


Објављено је 01.03.2013.

Once thought to exist only inside cells, RNA is now known to travel outside of cells and play a role in newly discovered mechanisms of cell-to-cell communication. Are these extracelluar RNAs (exRNAs) involved in diseases like cancer, heart disease or neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s? Could scientists learn how to use exRNAs to diagnose diseases earlier or even to treat these diseases? The NIH Common Fund’s Extracellular RNA Communication program aims to unlock the mysteries of exRNAs, uncovering their roles in human health and disease.

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Detox Holiday

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Kako se pripremiti za Detox odmor

Loša prehrana i stil života izbor može vas ostaviti osjećaj iznuren i letargična, što dovodi do stresa i neaktivnosti, koji uzrokuju nakupljanje toksina u tijelu i umu. Nudeći koristi od mršavljenja do povećane mentalnu vitalnost, odličan način da se ponovno energiju sustava je da se krene na proljeće očistiti i poboljšati vaše dobro na zdrav detox odmor . Pomaganje podržati svoje tijelo prirodno uklanjanja procesa, detoksikacija nudi brojne zdravstvene beneficije kroz tailor-made pristup zdravoj prehrani i pomno odabranih tretmana.

Dakle, ako je razdoblje viška ostavilo osjećaš trom i žele probati čišćenja detox, slijedite ove jednostavne upute da otkrijete kako možete sami pripremiti prije detox povlačenja.

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Detox Resort Thailand

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Guaranted Fast, Safe Weight Loss Results!

New Leaf is an ‘all inclusive nothing more to pay’ Thailand detox weight loss retreat.

We are a 3 star comfortable self-contained bungalow style weight loss spa retreat. Since 2006 we have been based at Lamai beach on the tropical Island of Koh Samui. A beautiful location for your detox holiday and a New Leaf Detox weight loss package guarantees you some of the best juice fasting, liver and colon cleansing results in the world. 

Everything (except Airfares) is included in the one price!

All Detox Weight Loss Packages Include:

Free 1st Night (arrival night)

Free Koh Samui Airport Transfers

Free Fast WiFi (fiber optic)

All Detox Drinks, Smoothies and Soups Included

All Detox Activities Included

Free Laundry Service

10% Off All Detox Packages Below!

New Leaf is a Trip Advisor 4.5 star Review Rated retreat. Select one of our affordable detox packages below or Contact Us Today for more information.

3 Day 'Tune Up' Detox

3 Day ‘Tune Up’ Detox from€536.58 EUR

5 Day 'Jump Start' Detox

5 Day ‘Jump Start’ Detox from€931.96 EUR

7 Day 'New Birth' Detox

7 Day ‘New Birth’ Detox from€1,270.85 EUR

10 Day 'Refreshed' Detox

10 Day ‘Refreshed’ Detox from€1,835.67 EUR

14 Day 'Phoenix' Detox

14 Day ‘Phoenix’ Detox from€2,231.05 EUR

21 Day 'Reborn' Detox

21 Day ‘Reborn’ Detox from€3,247.73 EUR

28 Day 'New Life' Detox

28 Day ‘New Life’ Detox from€4,236.17 EUR

28 Day 'Transformation' Detox

28 Day ‘Transformation’ Detoxfrom €5,337.58 EUR

Designed with Thai herbs, fresh organic fruit and vegetables the New Leaf detox fasting program will allow your body will let go of stored toxins and body fat without you feeling hungry. We guarantee fast, safe and natural permanent weight loss. The New Leaf detox fasting packages range from 3 to 28 days. All packages include daily medical checkups, guided walks, massage and colema therapy.Contact Us Today for more information and get started on your path back to health and fitness today!

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Saznaj odgovor

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Receive an answer.
Ask our Doctors & Nutrition Coaches.

Ask our Doctors & Nutrition Coaches is a free service. Get help from a doctor or nutrition coach whenever, wherever. Just ask your question, upload test results or photos and get answers within 24 hours. This free service will give you a first help on:

  • DNA
  • DNA dietEXPO 2015
  • Nutrition plan
  • Diet and Diabetes
  • Food intolerance
  • Nutrition plan for the Athletes
  • Weight loss programs and obesity
  • Pre & Post-Op diet plan
  • Pre/Postnatal nutrition plan
  • Vegetarian/Vegan plans
  • Cholesterol and diet plan
  • Osteoporosis and diet plan
  • Dyslipidemia, hypertension, fluid retention
  • Nutrition plan and breathing/cardiovascular disease
  • Menopause and nutrition plan
  • Arthrosi

Ask our Doctors & Nutrition Coaches


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Infusion cap technology

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INCAP – Infusion cap technology

Most of the vitamins and other nutrients are very sensitive and loose their power the moment they get mixed with water, the longer they stay mixed, the less efficiently they work. INCAP solves this problem, with its special technology, while it has a stylish design too. INCAP is the solution that delivers your taste formulation with full potency & taste.

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Fermentacija kreće naprijed

Fermentacija može biti jedan od najstarijih načina konzerviranja hrane, ali to je sada privlači cijelu novu generaciju foodie navijača. Nutricionisti su touting zdravstvene prednosti fermentiranih namirnica, kuhari su redefiniranje svoje kreativne mogućnosti, a val DIY proizvoda i trgovina Staples donose metodu u mainstream. Stylus istražuje ovu kulinarsku poslovnih prilika.

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Therapy Air

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Therapy Air Purifying Systems offer significant relief from indoor air pollution, and enables you to breathe clean air again.

Your home and your office will be healthier places to live and breathe.
Dust, bacteria, viruses, tobacco smoke and other pollutants will be eliminated. People will notice the difference when they walk into a room with Therapy Air Purifying Systems! Coworkers, customers and family members – especially those who suffer from allergies – will finally have relief and be able to breathe easily.
Zepter’s Therapy Air Purifying Systems reduce pollutants from dust, air fresheners, tobacco smoke, pollen, fireplaces, pesticides, aerosol sprays, plant spores, humidifiers, woodstoves, pet dander and mould.

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Light Therapy

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BIOPTRON devices are medical devices used under professional conditions at hospitals, specialist institutions, wellness and sports centres, as well as at home. BIOPTRON Light Therapy System is for everybody – wide range of applications, easy to use, painless, short treatment time, no known negative side effects and Swiss-made!

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