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Freezing time

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Freezing time: Gulf’s first cryotherapy anti-aging centre

You’re probably familiar with it through its fictional use in blockbuster hits, such as Austin Powers, to resurrect the dead hero in the future, but the latest beauty treatment to hit the UAE market is quite real and is all about freezing the effects of time. Developed in Japan in the late 70’s, cryotherapy first gained popularity elsewhere amongst sport professionals for its muscle strength and recovery attributes.

It has been used for a long time in the United States as a weight loss aid and to increase cellular survival, but cryotherapy is now set to become a mainstream solution to combat the effects of aging.

Popular with celebrities that stand the test of time, such as Demi Moore and NBA star Kobe Bryant, cryotherapy involves a painless freezing of the skin’s surface through exposure to extremely low temperatures (-120 to -160 degrees Celsius) for a short period of time.

This non-invasive procedure promotes anti-oxidants and in turn helps the skin to regain firmness, tone and radiance.

With the arrival of Cryo health, Dubai has its very first therapy centre offering this treatment and which is also known to enhance blood flow circulation and to accelerate the delivery of oxygen throughout the body.

“We are very excited to launch the first cryotherapy centre in Dubai and have already had a fantastic response from athletes who are seeking alternative methods to their recovery and performance’ said Kai Stubbe, Cryo Health Partner

Based in the Emirates Towers district, Cryo Health offers Cryofacials ($95), Whole Body Cryotherapy ($110), and Local Cryotherapy sessions ($95).

Dubai-based Physiotherapist, Andrew Sulimierski said, “Cryotherapy has long been used by athletes as a way to speed recovery and boost performance and something many people do instinctively when they put some ice on an injury or sore muscle. As a beauty and weight loss treatment it is also gaining in popularity.”

Cryo Health plans to open further spa locations in Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Kuwait