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At our Center we teach you how to recover your health in the shortest reasonable time possible by implementing a multi-faceted totally natural time-tested program based on  Nutritionist Marina Luketina Šunjka’s diet and approach.

You will learn how to detoxify your body all the “rubbish” of many years of pesticides, chemicals, medicine from the liver, colon and lymph system. You will benefit fromT.B.R  therapies such as F.RT sessions  (balances the pH of the body so cancer cells can no longer live) M.G.I Therapy, Hydro Colonics, Total Body Detox,

Congratulations on taking this first step to discovering what’s keeping you overweight, fatigued, feeling irritated, anxious and generally unhealthy, by taking our health and fitness analysis.

This O.M.I screening test has been created to give you a general impression of the status of your 9 “key body systems” all of which play a major part in how your body and mind functions.


The body has nine major body systems working together to keep the body healthy. There are a lot of smaller and important systems in the body, but everyone should know the nine major ones well.

  1. Digestive system
  2. Intestinal system
  3. Circulatory system
  4. Nervous system
  5. Immune system
  6. Respiratory system
  7. Glandular system
  8. Urinary system
  9. Structural system

This analysis will look at the 9 systems in your body and will give you valuable information about your body.

We use the analysis to help provide you with the possible causes of your body and mind health issues.

Once we receive your confidential test results we will contact you to schedule a free consultation if required.

During the consultation we will discuss:

  • Your test findings and body systems most affected.
  • The most likely causes of your health concerns.
  • Recommendations of things you can do right away to help improve your health.
  • Assist you in determining which of our programs would be the most effective program for you in regaining good health, weight loss and vitality.
  • Our program, activities and components are imperative for achieving the best results. Over our 14 years of operation our experience has shown us that only by fully participating in the whole program will you get the results that you are seeking.
  •  T.B.R sistem offers 3 basic programs, derived from our Master Plan. One of our Health Consultants will assist you in determining which program is right for you and over a period of 4 to 28 days, our team of practitioners, teachers and certified instructors will guide you through your journey of discovery and recovery.



Functional Analysis and Diagnostic Testing

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With the Clinical Program you receive:

  • Functional Analysis and Diagnostic Testing More info…

    • VEGA Total Body scan which is done at the beginning of the program
    • 1. Bioresonance screening
    • 2 additional VEGA follow up tests – done every 45 to 60 days from a distance to monitor your progress
    • Functional diagnostic – Bio Resonance Machine (measures the energy of all the basic organs of the body). The  Energy Frequency equipment is able to do a complete body scan, to determine the real origin and true cause of your health problems. Our equipment will verify all the major organs (i.e. heart, lungs, liver, brain gallbladder, etc), the backbone, teeth, tendons, hormones, muscles, parasites, viruses, harmful bacteria and Candida. Also the test will provide with information on your emotional state of health which could be a major contributing cause to illnesses. You will receive three.
    • QFD – Quantum Functional Detection More info…
    • Medical and Nutrition Consultation
    • Teaching Session (Functional food, Detox programs. Quantnum medicen)



5 Day in Total Body Repair Program

Located in Zlatar Lake


Total Body Repair Program more info…

Ultimate Detox


Are you lacking in energy, unable to sleep, feeling stressed, fatigued and unable to cope?

If so, it may be time for a detox. More info….

Weight Loss

Exercises-to-Lose-Weight.j4 pg

Our completely natural weight-loss program has proven through the experience of our thousands of clients to be one of the most effective weight-loss programs currently available.



 Cells Rujuvination 



If you can’t bear the thought of fasting, have little weight to lose, or if your main focus is to re-educate yourself and learn some new healthy habits relating to your diet, then this would be an ideal program for you. More info….


Intensive Care


Our Intensive Care Program is a 14 to 28 day T.B.R solution for people who are dealing with serious lifestyle management issues such as substance abuse, eating disorders (severe over or under weight), emotional traumas (PTSS), midlife crisis and self-esteem issues.

  • Ferty Detox inside tretmants
  • Ferty therapy (adjusts the pH of the body and restores acid/alkaline balance and helps restore emotional health
  • Ferty devices – you take home
  • 3 ULTIMATE TBR Package – 90 day supply
  • Life Zone Tretmants
  • F.R.T Machine – balances meridians and increases energy
  • Lodging included
  • .Organic and Fresh fruit, vegetables, etc can be purchased at the grocery stores nearby. All the detoxification products and natural supplements needed for your particular health condition along with the therapies will be outlined and provided at our Center to take home or shipped directly to you home from our various suppliers. We have a basic program; however quantities and products could be adjusted and personalized depending on your health condition and needs.

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  • PROTECT YOUR CELLS We are always rebuilding our cells, but with poor nutrition, poor cell function and our constant exposure to multiple sources of radiation this natural process is impaired and we become sick! Many civilization diseases right down to cancer are attributed to poor cell function, meaning when the cell charge drops disease can invade. For example a cancer cell has a charge of 20 mV, which is quite a difference from the required 70 mV for healthy cell turn over. How does the cell charge drop? Because of unhealthy lifestyle habits as well as the primary cause of wireless and other forms of radiation in our environment. This type of radiation is a silent killer as it directly impairs our cell function and we don’t even feel it.

    Light Therapy Colour, shape and light in unique combination with sound, vibrations and warmth lead to ultra-deep relaxation. You feel light and free, both physically and mentally. Rational and analytical thinking fade into the background. All feeling is directed towards your inner self. It opens up a space for a new experience of your self and the world.

    Daily sessions of Clinical Frequency Generator – This professional clinical model sends potent frequencies to destroy the many types of parasites, viruses, harmful bacteria and pathogens.

    Dr. Rife discovered that when a cell was exposed to some form of energy to which it is resonant, this energy would be absorbed by the resonant structure. Should the resonant energy be greater than the cell can effectively dissipate, Dr. Rife found that this cell would fail structurally, sometimes resulting in cell death. A simple way to understand resonance is to think of an opera singer who can break a wine glass with her voice – the wine glass resonates at a certain frequency. If the opera singer can match that natural frequency with her voice, then the glass will absorb this resonant energy and smash. More info….
  • Rebounder – Mini Trampoline – (daily to cleanse the lymph system)*
  • Colonic Irrigation (cleanses and detoxes the entire intestinal system)*
  • Heavy Metal detox formulas and programs
  • FIR Infrared whole body sauna detox therapy – This FIR home massage sauna dome combines health care and slimming function without any negative effects on human body. It is ideal sauna for family use. It is with infrared sauna heating. More info…
  • Quantum informotherapy involves transmission of information messages using the energy of electromagnetic waves of light and infrared spectrum. For diagnostic purposes to test these impacts a device INFORM-QUANT was developed in a research institute INMED . The device has a plug-in module that contains 44 LED cells. The light of each of the cells is infiltrated through a filter, structuring it into a informotherapy program. Each filter has a different structure with a program that has a stimulating or a soothing impact on one of 20 organ systems. Thus, a quantum informotherapy module is similar to a microgenerator cassette in respect of the quantity of programs. For therapeutic purposes, filters are used which are enclosed in ordinary LED flashlights. More info…

Rezultat slika za PRICEPROGRAM PRICE More info….



Beuty Rejuvenation Program


Qi-aesthetics is essentially where beauty meets science – a combination of integrative wSunjke 1ellness treatments and vitamin therapies that give you an inner and outer glow.Our portfolio of non-invasive bio-aesthetics therapies and anti-aging treatments has been exclusively designed and developed for TBR center.images





Rezultat slika za PRICEPROGRAM PRICE More info….



BEAUTY REJUVENATION PROGRAM Clinical program you receive:

  • 1 week (5 sessions) of  rejuvenating zone
    – creates a PH neutral environment in the body so that harmful pathogens can no longer live and cause harm
  • 1 set of  F.R.T Tretmants and instructions – to take home for continuous use
  • QI Diet – The key to successful dietingEDUCATION NUTRITION 1At Wimpole Aesthetics we believe that the difference between a failure and success in dieting – and what sets us apart – is that Marina is able to take the QI Fit results and build a comprehensive and effective nutrition and supplement plan that can help you achieve your aims, whether that be addressing food intolerances, improving energy levels or permanent weight loss.
  • Anti-Aging & Cosmetics in the comfort of your home!

  • Collagen Nutritions
  • 1 week (5 sessions) of F.R:T Frequency Generator – This professional clinical model sends potent frequencies to destroy the many types of parasites, viruses, harmful bacteria and pathogens that are the cause of many common illnesses. There are several settings specific to the type of illness being treated.
  • 1 VEGA test – determines the root cause of all your health problems and provides you with all the natural herbal and homeopathic remedies (including total body detox remedies) needed to resolve these issues. Our equipment will verify all aspects of your health such as the major organs (i.e. heart, lungs, liver, brain gallbladder, etc), the backbone, teeth, tendons, hormones, muscles, parasites, viruses, harmful bacteria, Candida, infections as well as your emotional state of health which could be a major contributing cause to illnesses.


Protection for your cells

total body repair

Relax, Rebalance,Rejuvination and Revitalize with Sound, Color, Light, and Frequency

The main features of the T.B.R Wellness® More info…