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Best Airports

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Best Airports

Frankfurt Airport Silent Chairs

APEX Insight: Air travel can be draining, but airports and airlines are finding clever ways to give passengers a quiet place to rest, recharge their batteries and escape stress. From yoga rooms open around the clock to Frankfurt’s pod-like “silent chairs,” passengers can rest easy knowing they have options to unwind in transit or in flight.

Frankfurt Airport has introduced arch-shaped “silent chairs” which create a quiet zone around the user, reducing ambient noise. Passengers can play their own music through the chairs’ speakers and power electronic devices through integrated power sockets.

Kansai International Airport in Japan offers a variety of relaxation and spa options for passengers. They can lay back and watch the clouds go by, or lay down for a full body massage.

Hong Kong International Airport offers a relaxation corner with cozy lounge chairs, free Wi-Fi and also massage services at specialized spas.

Munich Airport offers Napcab sleeping cabins in Terminal 2, which include comfortable beds, music, TVs and adjustable lighting. For those who feel more relaxed after they’ve caught up with work, these cabins include a small desk and free Wi-Fi.

Helsinki Airport offers GoSleep pods where passengers can cocoon for a few Z’s in absolute privacy. The airport also features an “everyman’s lounge” called Kainuu, which is free to all and open 24/7. There, passengers will find ergonomic chairs, soft carpets and even a book exchange.

Seoul Incheon International offers spa services, private sleeping rooms, indoor gardens, a golf course to chill out on the green and an indoor ice skating rink for those who unwind best while spinning figure eights.

Singapore’s Changi Airport also gives passengers plenty of zones for zen including rest areas, a rainforest lounge, enchanted gardens, butterfly gardens, various spa services and even a pool.


Besides peace and tranquility on “silent chairs,” Frankfurt Airport offers passengers somewhere to align their chakras. The airport has opened two yoga rooms.

For more shanti ooohmmm-the-go, passengers can visit Yoga rooms at Chicago O’HareDallas-Fort Worth and Burlington International in Vermont. At San Francisco International, two yoga rooms open around the clock let passengers salute the sun, even at midnight.

At John F. Kennedy International Airport, JetBlue recently introduced Yoga classes at its Terminal 5 Marketplace, led by New York City yoga instructors. The airline offers other relaxing options in T5, including a rooftop lounge open to dogs and a curb-side farm growing healthy greens.

For passengers whose schedules are already stretched to their limits at the airport, SkyTeam offers onboard asanas for in-flight entertainment nirvana. Delta Air Lines has also introduced “OMG. I Can Meditate!” focus sessions to Delta Studio. Meditations include “Relaxing in the Clouds,” “Blanket of Love” and “Dealing with Anxiety.”

No need to arrive all Tiffany-Twisted at your hotel in California, or elsewhere.


Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport is popular for its facilities and comfort. The airport offers one hour Free WiFi and activities to keep you entertained, such as city tours, TV lounges, a movie theatre, museum, casino, library, spa and lounges that are accessible to economy travellers for a fee.

The zzz Factor: The airport offers a variety of comfortable couches, relaxation chairs and other seats. Before security (landside) airport sleepers do not have the luxury of loungers, but they still report good experiences. Showers and 24-hour food are available.

Frankfurt Airport – Leisure Zones


Helsinki Vantaa

helsinki vantaa airport

I am amazed! The airport is very clean and quiet, has

Relax in the airport in these new American Express Centurion Lounges



Lots of space for a stylish stay

If you begin your journey in the First Class Terminal at Frankfurt, you begin it in first-class style. You can drive straight up to the terminal and hand your car over to the valet parking service. In the terminal itself, you can await your flight in exclusive surroundings where everything is geared to your personal well-being. Relax chairs, a Wining & Dining area, a cigar lounge: the terminal offers many opportunities for you to pause and unwind. Of course, there are also high-quality office units available if you wish to work.

Frankfurt Airport Connection Time and Lounge Access

Frankfurt Airport: Connection Time and Lounge Access?


What are Frankfurt Airport (FRA) connection times? TravelSort reader Rob writes “My wife and I will be flying to Frankfurt in Singapore Business Class, arriving 10:30am, and connecting onwards to a Lufthansa economy class flight to Vienna. We’re planning to take the flight departing Frankfurt at 11:50am–is that enough time, given that we’re on a separate ticket? Or could we get this ticket included in our Singapore Business Class award since it’s on Lufthansa, a Star Alliance partner? Also, if we do take a later flight such as the 12:50pm and have extra time, would we have access to any Frankfurt lounges based on arriving in Singapore Airlines Business Class?”

There are several questions here, so let me tackle each of them in turn.


Emirates Dubai Business Class Lounge Terminal 3 A Gates


The Emirates lounge has a host of seating options with the lounge sectioned into areas for dining, working, relaxing and getting some quiet time. The red, brown and neutral colours used throughout the lounge leave no doubt as to which airline it belongs to! We settled into the full length lounge chairs which were nicely equipped with a blanket and pillow and caught up on a little sleep before we set off to explore!

Sleep time! The quiet and mostly private mini rooms which were perfect for some down time:

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A lounge like no other

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First Class Lounge relax area

Our First Class Lounge & Spa is not like other lounges, it’s your first opportunity to experience a different level of service and hospitality, before stepping on board your flight.

Our team will deliver service and hospitality comparable to that you would experience in a 5-star hotel.

Lufthansa Senator Lounge Gate Z50





 Airport naps as innovation 

Sleep pods are becoming increasingly common at airports

That is good news for travellers. But there are reasons for airports to resist


Airport operators and security teams will be most interested in the technological services of contest winner Alitheon, but being able to grab a bit of shut-eye when you’re stuck at the airport ranks high on most every traveler’s wish list.

The self-contained, plug-in Sleepbox units are just as their name describes: efficiently designed 45-square-foot boxes with a window to the outside and, inside, a bed, storage space for carry-on luggage, a wireless stereo system, fold-down work table, wall mirror, lighting and electrical outlets. Units come in three sizes: basic (“InnerSpace”), single or double.

“We think we have a solution that can eliminate one of the worst airport experiences,” said Peter Chamber, Sleepbox chief operating officer and co-founder.

The original design called for the unit to have self-changing sheets, with a new set unwinding from a bed-linen roll out after each use. And while Chambers still likes that idea, the current design has an attendant doing clean-up duty.

Positive reaction and a flurry of “We need this now!” press coverage in response to a prototype Sleepbox set up for three months in 2011 at Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow and success with a hotel-use set-up in Stockholm convinced the creators they had a good idea.

Of course, they aren’t the first to have it.

Frequent travelers may remember Laptop Lane from the late 1990s. The company rented fully equipped private mini-offices with desks, computers, Wi-Fi, walls and locking doors in, eventually, about two dozen airports nationwide. While these units didn’t have beds, they were often rented by travelers who needed a place to nap.

For a short time in the 2000s, stylish sleep pod chairs from Metro Naps, with special sleep music and a gentle wake-up program of lights and vibrations, were available to weary travelers at Vancouver International Airport.

Prices and stay requirements vary for each style of napping nook, but today travelers will find sleeping cabins by NapCabs in both Munich Airport and Berlin-Tegel Airport in Germany, GoSleep sleeping pods in the Abu Dhabi and Dubai airports and Minute Suites — equipped with daybed sofas, HDTV (that can be used as a computer) and work tables — in Philadelphia International Airport, Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and in Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

The Yotel hotel chain also offers airport sleeping cabins with beds, work spaces, TV and private bathrooms (with showers) in London’s Heathrow and Gatwick Airports, in Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and in Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

Chambers believes there’s room for the Sleepbox concept in the airport (and hotel) napping market in the United States and says the company recently presented its proposal to install Sleepbox units in a former airport lounge at a major U.S. hub.

The Airport Shark Tank win offers Sleepbox needed exposure and credibility, said Chambers. “It’s always difficult getting a new idea into an airport, but being part of AAAE’s start-up accelerator program will help match us up with airports where we can pilot the project.”

Quantum Lounge Gate Solution

If you have extra time at the airport, why not choose to pay and relax in one of our Quantum Zone. Enjoy  and ziro gravitation and choose a Six Senses quantum treatment. Our First Class Lounge & Spa is not like other lounges, it’s your first opportunity to experience a different level of service and hospitality, before stepping on board your flight.