Nutrition Coaching

The science of nutrition studies the relationship between diet, state of health and disease. Our nutritionist will help you to make changes to your lifestyle and diet for your optimum nutrition and long-term health. This will take into account your current lifestyle, diet, body composition and possible food intolerances.

Through an initial consultation, our nutritionist builds a complete picture of your medical and family history, current diet, environment and lifestyle. If more information is needed, the Dubai Herbal & Treatment Centre has a wide range of further diagnostic tests available (e.g. BCA).

Based on the personal information gathered, the nutritionist will design a meal plan for you, tailored to your individual needs, and provide practical advice on how to maintain a healthy daily lifestyle. These needs might include weight loss, addressing maldigestion, indigestion, dietary aspects – or to balance certain minerals or vitamins, both through natural food sources and possibly high quality natural supplements.


Cannellini Bean and Roasted Red Pepper Dip
An amazing snack to take with you to the office so hunger pangs at any time can be dealt with in a healthy and filling manner. It can be prepared ahead and will keep fresh in the fridge for a few more »

Quinoa herb and pomegranate salad
A deliciously healthy and nutritious salad. Quinoa is a tiny grain (seed) originally from South America and can be found in a variety of colours, transparent, pink, orange, red, purple or black. read more »

Cabbage Mallum salad
Mallums are like a salad, or tabouli, but instead of cracked wheat you use shredded or desiccated coconut. read more »