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Functional Analyzer

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Functional diagnostics – for a reliable diagnosis!

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Accurate and reliable. Time-saving and fast. Non-invasive measurement.

What can be measured by  Functional Diagnostics?

  • Energetic and regulatory abilities of your body.
  • Chronical ailments.
  • Acute disease in the very early stage with no apparent symptoms.
  • Allergy causing substances.
  • Viruses, bacterias, and vermins.
  • Vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that your body lacks.
  • Intoxication level of your body.
  • Level of toxins in different body systems.
  • Functioning of your body’s detoxication system (liver, kidney, lymph, skin, and mucous membrane of the digestive tract)


A major challenge in medicine is the substantial increase of chronically ill patients with multiple ailments. Conventional diagnostics may reveal important indicators of strains, but rarely detect the underlying regulatory blockades hindering the body’s healing. In case of multiple complaints, the question arises: which therapeutic stimulus does the body react to, if at all?

Each body part and every body system, whether healthy or diseased, has a specific reaction pattern to weak, external stimuli. On the basis of this reaction pattern, valuable conclusions can be drawn on the state and the functionality of the examined organs and systems.

Based on Vitalfeld technology, a novel, physical measuring method has been developed with which energetic structures can be measured and visualised.

The novel measuring system Functional Diagnostics automatically records and analyses the patient’s energetic reaction pattern in less than ten minutes. The analysis covers more than 100 body objects like nerves, muscles, joints, organs etc. and 13 body systems. After the measurement has finished the results are displayed immediately.
Advantages of the new Functional Diagnostics:

The measurement with Functional Diagnostics is very easy to perform. The patient is connected to the Functional Diagnostics device with electrodes attached to the ankles.  After a preliminary electrosmog check, the device performs a measurement of the energetic structures of over 100 body objects in less than 10 minutes. The results are displayed immediately on the laptop monitor. The therapy system uses therapeutic signals to help the body to restore its cellular energy level. Five different therapy options are available.

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