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Marina Luketina Šunjka

Nutritional Therapist


Curriculum Vitae

Author of Nutrition-Info Therapy and Total Body Repair Method

“Communicate with Your Body!”


Marina Luketina Sunjka

Certified Nutrition Consultant and Personal Trainer


 Working Experience:

2010 – present

Owner and Main Nutritionist at
Wellness Consulting Life 4 You 4 You has the mission to provide a true health care alternative. Our methods treat the entire mind, body and spirit, which include various therapies and holistic spa treatments.We are on the forefront of nutritional therapies and alternative modalities, tailored to each individual’s biochemical designIn Life 4 You, we use the most up-to-date alternative diagnostic screenings and evaluations available.Many updates on our research and information exchange can be found on our website related to the holistic approach to the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer, Diabetes, Allergy, Weight Loss, Arthritis, Rheumatism.Life 4 You provides nutritional products, professional vitamins, organic snacks, handmade gluten free snacks, non toxic home cleaning supplies, organic pet products and the highest quality organic skin care available.2013 –present Organizing and Lecturer at accredited seminars for the Serbian Association of Physicians;Topics: Information Therapy and Quantum Food

  • 2008 – present 
  • Organizing and Lecturer at seminars attended by primary and high schools students.
  • Topics: Health & Nutrition
  • 2008 – present
  • Lecturer authorized for Balkan area by INMED Institute, Ukraine for Information Therapy;
  • Cooperation agreement with INMED institute – Conducting training of professionals with available patented technology;
  • 2007               Founded Nutrition Info Therapy – NIT association in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • The mission of NIT: Education courses on functional nutrition and culture of healthy habits.



2014Post graduation studies: Management of Healthcare The European Center for Peace and Development  2010.Post graduation studies:Faculty for Medicine Science, Serbia Department: Preventive Medicine Studies Status: 3rd year / final thesis in preparation – The effect of Food on Psoriatic rheumatoid arthritis High School:High School for Chemical Science Major: Molecular biology andbiochemistry1984 obtained diploma/A+
Additional Degree:MedicalCollege, Zemun, SerbiaMajor: Dietetic Nutritionist2002 obtained diploma /A+ Additional certificates:2008         Information Therapy Treatment Certificated, by Genagij Temnikov
University Degree:Faculty for Agronomy, SerbiaMajor: Organic food1989 obtained diploma/A+ 2006         Electro-puncture Diagnostic &                      Information TherapyCertified by Skripnjuk
 Personal Data:DoB:   14th February 1966, SerbiaMarried with 2 children 2005         Micro-resonant TherapyCertificated by dr. Sitkov, Laureate for Nobel prize
2005           MRT Certificate