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Power nap


A power nap is a short sleep which terminates before the occurrence of deep sleep or slow-wave sleep (SWS), intended to quickly revitalize the subject. The expression was coined by Cornell University social psychologist James Maas.

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Power Naps: The Secret Weapon Your Business Might Be Missing

The pros & cons of nap time in the workplace

Happy National Napping Day! It’s amazing how springing forward one hour can throw off your entire vibe for the day. So if you’re feeling sluggish, don’t worry – the rest of the U.S. is with you.Which is actually why this day was founded.In 1999, Boston University professor William Anthony, Ph. D. and his wife Camille started National Napping Day because the day after Daylight Savings begins is tough. But today isn’t the only time you feel sluggish at work. In fact, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that more than a third of U.S. adults aren’t getting enough slep:  So how are employers fighting back against “the unrested”? By re-introducing you to your favorite pre-school past time: the nap.According to, roughly 6% of employers have nap rooms onsite. But providing employees a spot to catch a few Zs isn’t just considerate, it can actually boost business performance. A National Sleep Foundation study estimated that U.S. employees who don’t get sufficient sleep cost $63 billion annually due to lost productivity and sick days.TIME reported that a 2012 CDC National Health Survey found that on average, workers in the following occupations get the least amount of sleep:

  1. Home Health Aides
  2. Lawyers
  3. Police Officers
  4. Physicians, Paramedics
  5. Economists
  6. Social Workers
  7. Computer Programmers
  8. Financial Analysts
  9. Plant Operators
  10. Secretaries

See your industry on there? Read on to weigh the pros and cons of a 20-30 minute power nap at work.

Power Nap Pros

Nap time increases morale and workplace safety

Well-rested employees perform and behave better. In fact, results from a University of Michigan study show that not sleeping through the night can affect employees’ attention and ability to control negative emotional responses.

Think about how much better your sales team might perform with a power nap in between client phone calls. You can almost see the dollars coming through the pipeline.

Power naps boost creativity

Longer naps that allow you to enter REM sleep boost your ability to solve problems – creatively. Dr. Sara Mednick, assistant professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of California, performed a study that found that REM directly enhances creative processing more than any other sleep or wake state

Rem benefits…

Nap time boosts alertness

NASA and the Federal Aviation Administration found that a 20-minute nap can improve alertness, psychomotor performance and mood.

Nap Time Nightmares… The Cons

Employees might dream of having nap time at the office, but it can also be every employer’s nightmare. Employers often worry about employees taking advantage of nap time and not being able to monitor if work is actually getting done.

Below, we address a few nap time concerns:

Prime time nap time

Like your pre-school days, there’s a right and wrong time to nap. According to the Mayo Clinic, the best time to nap is between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m.; napping any later could interfere with a person’s regular REM sleep.

With this in mind, it’s easy to decide whether an employee is snoozing or slacking – especially if you catch them in the nap room at 4 p.m.

Sleep monitors

If employees taking advantage of nap time is a concern, there’s an easy way to monitor effectiveness. For example, depending on how you decide to set up your “nap zone”, try to place a sign-in sheet for employees to use. This way, if an employee’s performance starts to slip and goals aren’t being met, you can go back and review whether they were using nap time effectively or not.

“My office isn’t designed for nap pods or rooms”

So you’re willing to provide employees a chance to get some rest during the day – but you’re still not sure where to set it up. Purchasing nap pods can be expensive, as they often range from $200 – $1,000. But they aren’t your only option!

Simply consider blocking off a regular conference room at certain times. Just be sure to set “the mood”:

  • Provide dark shades to block out the sunlight or sleeping masks
  • Have long couches, reclining chairs, hammocks, bean bags, or ostrich pillows for optimal comfort
  • Offer an ambient soundtrack to block out office noises
  • Encourage employees to bring their own pillow and blankets

If you do have the flexibility to be creative, below are a few real-life examples:


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I write about how to stay healthy while running a business

taking a nap can be powerful for entrepreneurs. Credit: Pixabay

Staying healthy has never been so popular. As an entrepreneur today, I know I care more than ever before about the quality of my food as well as the way it is prepared; I’m even willing to pay extra to eat healthier or even contribute more time to food preparation myself. This healthy trend doesn’t stop with food – gyms and cross-fit classes are full everywhere I go. More people are taking up running as their regular exercise or choose cycling as their means of daily commute. You’ll see me at the gym 6 days a week, at 4:30 am. Or maybe you won’t because that is pretty early for a lot of people.

In either case, all these trends are a step towards even healthier living. However, there is more to a healthy lifestyle than quality food and exercise – sleep. It is an important ingredient often overlooked in people’s daily routines even though it greatly contributes to your well-being as an entrepreneur. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, insufficient sleep is a public health problem. Lack of sleep results in lowered performance and judgement, decreased alertness and in the long-term can cause depression, obesity and diabetes.

Entrepreneurs are especially prone to sleep loss. With long and often unpredictable working hours, travel or even jet-lag, we frequently lose more than a few hours of sleep.

Even though it is difficult to limit myself as an entrepreneur to a regular 9-5 schedule, there are ways to improve my sleeping habits. Here are some ways I’ve found to do that:

Use power naps to boost your energy

The National Sleep Foundation (NFS) recommends 7-9 hours of sleep a day for people between 18 – 64 years old. Most of us don’t get that amount of sleep every day. If you find yourself juggling your schedule – running between meetings, business lunches and airports – and you can’t find time for a long, good night’s sleep, try to schedule a short power nap in your day. The research by NFS shows even a short 20 min nap can increase your alertness, performance and mood. Some of the most prominent figures in our history such as Winston Churchill, Eleanor Roosevelt and Thomas Edison took pride in taking a nap every day.

According to the 2011 study from the Journal of Sleep, the lack of proper sleep cost U.S. businesses around $63 billion in lost productivity. Many companies, including Google and PwC, noticed the great benefits of taking a nap during the day and installed sleeping pods for their employees to recharge their energy. It might not always be easy to find a nap pod, but a sofa in your office or comfortable armchair in an airport lounge can do the trick.


How To Powernap: A Quick Guide To Napping And Its Benefits

power nap

Does everything around you seem to be chaotic lately?

Your family is annoying you; you cannot remember what work your boss gave you yesterday. You are not able to find your own Bluetooth device that you placed on your desk just some time ago

No, you are not having any psychological problems. You are just tired, and that is the only thing which is making you grumpy. It is slowing you down and making it harder for you to remember things.

I am pretty sure of the immediate solutions you may turn to in order to come out of such situations. Most of us indulge in unhealthy foods and habits such as:

  • Grab a packet of chips
  • Have energy drinks
  • Have black tea
  • Have black coffee
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Smoking

But remember, a packet of chips has empty calories that give you extra fat but no energy. When you have energy drinks, you only consume unhealthy sugars that are again adding up to calories, the caffeine and tannins which are a disaster on your nervous system and body.

Instead of all this, I have a better solution for you. Take a power nap!

No, I am not kidding. Nap time is not just for babies and toddlers. A power nap is a practice of napping that sleep researchers recommend for everyone today.

In this article I will inform you on how to take a power nap. But first, let us see what a power nap is and how it can help you function better through your hectic day.

What is a Power Nap?

Doctors recommend that we should sleep for a minimum of 6 to 8 hours every day. However, this is not possible in today’s busy schedule. Instead, a power nap is an aid for the busy modern man who cannot get the daily dose of sleep.

A Power nap is a tiny span of sleep, lasting anywhere between 6 to 30 minutes. It usually gets over before you enter a deep sleep. This type of sleep is meant to re-energize you and keep you active throughout the whole day.

I am sure there are times, when, after the meal you doze off, isn’t it?

When your friend or family member asks you to sleep for some more time, you immediately wake up and say that you are not sleepy and refuse to take a power nap.

The reason of refusing can be only two; first, you are scared that once you go off to sleep, you might not be able to wake up. Second, you are not aware of how to take one of these short naps. Follow these steps to power nap effectively.

Power Nap the Right Way Using these Steps

1. Mental Preparation

Psychology plays a critical role in any condition. Whenever you feel like taking a power nap you should not think that taking a power nap on a daily basis means that you are becoming lazy. In fact, a good power nap boosts up your energy levels. When you wake up after taking a power nap, you will be more productive and work efficiently.

2. Time schedule power nap

It is important to schedule a specific power nap time that will benefit you most. Always try to take a power nap in the morning hours or post lunch. The best time to take a power nap is between 1pm and 4pm. You finish your lunch at this time and you usually go back to work. However, a power nap at this time for a few minutes can make you more enthusiastic about your work and increase your energy levels.

According to human circadian rhythms, afternoon time is the time where you are more likely to fall into deep sleep and, therefore, you will be yawning a lot at this time. Therefore, to prevent this, it is recommended that you take power naps at work, or even at home to increase your efficiency.

3. Foods to Avoid

Before going for a power nap, you should avoid taking coffee and energy drinks as they contain some amount of caffeine. Hence, there is a possibility that you might not be able to sleep or you may get habituated to the same. You should not eat foods that have a high amount of sugar and fat because they might cause digestive problems while taking a power nap.

4. Foods to Consume

An hour before going for a power nap, it is best to consume protein and calcium rich foods. This is essential because the protein will keep you awake and active and also help you in sleeping better during a power nap, as protein has traces of tryptophan which increases your capacity to sleep.

5. Choice of Place

The room you decide for taking a power nap should be calm and peaceful without any noises. Make sure that you are not disturbed by your cell phone or any other alarming sounds.

power nap

“A survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation found that about 30% of people are allowed to sleep at work, and some employers even provide a place for employees to nap”.

The place should be comfortable enough for you to relax for minimum half an hour without getting disturbed. Turn off the light of the room where you’re planning to take a power nap. During power napping melatonin releases which is a sleep inducing hormone.

When you sleep, the temperature of your body drops, so there are changes, you might feel cold. Therefore, either raise the temperature of your room or keep a blanket ready with you.

6. Set the Alarm

After taking care of all the necessary things, make sure you set the alarm for the desired time you would like to take a power nap. By doing so, you can go for a peaceful power nap accordingly.

Taking a power nap has many benefits that I will surely share with you. But before that, you need to be aware that if you are not following a proper power nap technique, it may have negative effects on your health.

Side Effects of Wrong Power Napping

Let me caution you about the ill effects of improper power napping. Napping the wrong way can do the exact opposite of what a good power nap will do. Side effects include:

  • Yawning all the time
  • Less concentration on work
  • Feeling lazy
  • Lightheadedness
  • Body pain
  • Lower back pain

Now, let me give you a few of the major power nap benefits.

Benefits of Power Nap

Power naps can help you function efficiently throughout the day and improve your overall health. Here are the major power nap benefits that will convince you to go take that nap today.

  1. Decreases your stress
  2. Increases your productivity
  3. Motivates you
  4. Gives you strength
  5. Prevents Yawning
  6. Improves memory
  7. Improves your creativity
  8. Sharpens your Mind
  9. Enhances your mood

Power nap is an excellent and the simplest way to keep yourself relaxed and active for the whole day. Do remember to limit your power nap duration to 30 minutes to avoid any negative comments about your work ethic.

There are also some health supplements which you can use in a combination with power naps to keep yourself active; omega 3, 6,9 and antioxidants are two of them.

So the next time you feel exhausted, dull, sleepy, restless or even lacking your natural enthusiasm during the day, go on and take a power nap. Remember, power naps are not just for children alone!


Napshell : The Ultimate Way to a Power Nap

Several studies have been conducted to substantiate the importance of power napping and the positive benefits to reaction time and concentration that even a 30 minute nap can offer. Tutored by Stefanie Eberding and Siegfried Irion, 20 architecture students met to create products for power napping, and after extensive research a workshop in Rotterdam formed four different groups with different goals for their products. The Institute for Living and Design at the University of Stuttgart’s College of Architecture entered undiscovered territory when they opened the Design Studio “Power-Napping” in April 2004. The Napshell is the result of these studies is one of the most unique personalized beds ever developed which features an ergonomic mattress, air conditioning, and Dolby Surround for a most invigorating break in your day. Good news, there is room for two napers!napshell-modern-cacoon-beds



Business giants install ‘power nap pods’ to boost productivity of workforce


The benefits of a taking a power-nap have been preached by advocates such as Winston Churchill, Leonardo Da Vinci and Albert Einstein – but they never tried anything like this.Looking like a cross between a science fiction prop and a dentists chair, the EnergyPod has been designed to offer office workers a relaxing spot to take a mid-day nap.The odd looking device has been installed in UK offices and is even being used by the Lawn Tennis Association to help tennis players like Andy Murray achieve peak performance levels.It is designed to isolate the user from their environment with lights and music and angles your body to take pressure off the heart.Scroll down for more …

EnergyPodRelax: The EnergyPod soothes you while asleep and then uses vibrations, lights and music to wake you up

Once asleep, the device continues to soothe you before waking you up with vibrations, lights and music at the optimal time, normally after about 15 to 20 minutes.

Makers MetroNaps say the length of your nap and the way in which you are woken are key to leaving you feeling rejuvenated and full of energy.

Spokesman Marcus de Guingand, said: “The benefits of napping are many and varied, NASA and Harvard studies say a nap can increase productivity by up to 34 percent.

“The EnergyPod has been designed specially as the ideal environment to take a mid-day rest.

“It was the idea of a banker who saw his colleagues taking naps in bathrooms or store cupboards and thought ‘there must be a better solution.’

“After a two-year research programme they came up with the pod and it has now been installed in offices around the world.

“The fact is taking a mid-day nap will benefit everyone so there is no barrier to where they should be installed.”

Companies which have installed the £300-per-month pods include, Proctor & Gamble, Google and PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

De Guingand added that napping can help both your health and productivity levels.

“It has been scientifically documented that a short nap during the day boosts alertness, memory, creativity and mood,” he said.

“Also sleep is the third pillar of health along with Cardiovascular Fitness and Nutrition sleep-deprived individuals succumb more frequently to illness and are more likely to experience poorer long-term health.”

Scroll down for more …

EnergyPodCompanies such as Proctor & Gamble and Google have installed them for their employees

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