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Smart Health Chair

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A health check chair

Checking health signs such as blood pressure, temperature and mobility usually involves multiple tests and can be time-consuming. A chair developed by Sharp is sarp stolicaequipped with multiple sensors that can measure a user’s vital signs all at once and save the data to the cloud for physicians to reference. Sharp designed the chair for patients to use at home and is considering adding a videoconferencing system so patients can visit with physicians remotely. “Rather than people who are ill going to the doctor, our idea is for healthy people to think about how to stay healthy, prepare for any emergencies and improve their day-to-day lifestyle,” a spokesman said way back in 2013.


Smart Health Chair

Telehomecare is expected to be a future trend. Most current mainstream healthcare products and technologies focus on the use of wireless radio-frequency links for the sensors and measurement instrumentation. However, a major disadvantage is that home users of these telehomecare technologies are still required to use different instruments to monitor vital signs such as blood pressure, body temperature, and blood oxygen saturation, which complicates the use of telehomecare. ITRI’s Smart Health Chair integrates the sensors for all important vital signs, and embeds them into the patient’s chair, thereby enhancing convenience for home use. Data for five important signs are logged: body weight, heart rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure, and workout level, without the user even noticing. The collected data can be relayed back to a processing center in the cloud or be shared with concerned family members. With the help of the patient’s social group, health management can become easy and interesting.

Smart Health Chair

Smart Health Chair


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Sharp’s futuristic Health Care Support Chair – a proactive health care solution

October 8, 2013

Sharp has developed a health care support chair which combines a range of sensors for checking the user’s health. It can simultaneously record your blood pressure, temperature, body motion, and pulse waveform, storing the data in the cloud.

“When we talked to people, they often said that measuring each health indicator separately is time-consuming and bothersome. If possible, people want to obtain all their health data in one go. The equipment needed to do that is still large, but we’ve made it as compact as possible. Our idea is that people could check their health data regularly, in places they often visit, and consult a physician promptly if there’s any change.”