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German Company Develops Human Regenerator That Controls Aging


Scientists have struggled for a very long time to get a hold of this thing we all go through which is aging. Medicine and hygiene have added about 20-30 years to the average lifespan since a couple hundred years ago, but we want more life it seems. While some scientists focus on the human building blocks (our DNA) others are focusing on healing our body. A German company recently announced a new product called Human Regenerator that can control aging.

The company, System 4 Technologies Gmbh recently showcased their “pod” at the World Luxury Expo held at the Abu Dhabi’s Emirate palace. This Human Generator looks like something out of a science fiction movie, and its purpose is somewhat like it too. By utilizing a unique technology by the name of Quantum Cell Code, humans are apparently able to control aging. However, don’t be fooled, you can’t stop aging altogether, but it is said that the apparatus can rejuvenate the cells in your body and at least slow it down.

So what is this thing and how does it accomplish this almost holy grail-like miracle? Well, I will try to explain it to the extent that I understand it myself. The developers have used silicon and aluminum deposits which supposedly help create the anti-aging effect. The Human Regenerator imitates the body’s natural frequencies through quantum cell technology and longitudinal waves. Don’t ask me how but that’s as much as I understand.

Don’t expect this gadget to be cheap either. Unfortunately, it’s not for everyone. The basic model will have a price tag of $557,000 and only 50 units will be created. The one used at the Abu Dhabi expo was a promotional unit that had been pimped out with 6880 carats worth of diamonds, which sets the price tag for this particular unit at around $10 million. I guess if you want everlasting youth you will have to bust out the big wallet. Eternal youth is apparently not for the less fortunate ones, but we already knew this from the silver screen, didn’t we? – More information at Human Regenerator.




Star Trek has once again shown the way when it comes to inspiring the latest real-life technology. In addition to influencing the invention of tablet computers and many other modern devices, as previously covered byMental Floss, a key device in television’s most celebrated science fiction saga may soon become a reality with a new line of non-invasive medical biotechnology from NASA.

According to the entry on the official Star Trek wiki Memory Alpha, the dermal regenerator is “a common, easily operable medical tool” used to treat “minor skin wounds, such as cuts and burns” without scarring. The regenerator “could also be used to revert surgically modified skin to its normal state.”

When Commander Riker and various other crew members of the starshipEnterprise would receive cuts and wounds from missions, they would often be seen in Sick Bay afterwards getting the damaged tissue repaired almost instantly with the use of a dermal regenerator.

Healing wounds instantly with a small, hand-held device sounds too good to be true, but it could soon become a reality both in space and on Earth.