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Beauty Rejuvenation Solution

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Discover the only system that addresses all three critical factors for human health and wellness, allowing you to correct all aspects of the body: its information, energy and physiology. The our  system allows medical and alternative health practitioners to quickly and easily restore client health using our proprietary 4-step process:

  1. Functional Diagnostic
  2. The Recharging of your Cell Batteries
  3. Detoxification
  4. Cell Rejuvenation

Setting of the program form the first to the 4th step, which is completely adjusted for every individual.

Diet, supplements and other preparation arrangement, supplements. They are regulated (if necessary), depending on the condition of the sick person.

Support your body in preventing & fighting health conditions – drug-free and with NO negative side effects!

Nutraceutical Products is a powerful range of revolutionary solutions, that allow you to enjoy all the amazing benefits of Energy & Qi Medicine (Quantum Informational Medicine) in unique new ways.

Nutraceutical products:

  • possess no harmful chemicals or any other additives.
  • work on the principles of nature
  • have no side effects
  • incorporate the most recent findings on Energy & Informational Fields and their influence on health conditions.
  • 100% personalised

Always consult with your physician or other qualified health care providers before making any changes to your healthcare routine.

Chronic Diseases

Chronic diseases cause nowadays over 75% of deaths. One of three people dies of Cancer, Cardiovascular, MS, Diabetes, AIDS, Arthritis, Malaria and Asthma. Chronic diseases have a long duration, therefore inflicting longer physical and emotional suffering and causing enormous financial costs. More info…

Price options:


Price of the NIT program is defined by many factors such as: diagnosis, patient’s condition, number and types of treatments, which are used during the treatment. Price of the Nutrition Info Therapy program might vary from 6.000 till 8.000 E.


Price of the program is defined by many factors such as: diagnosis, patient’s condition, number and types of treatments, which are used during the treatment. Price of the Total Body Repair program might vary  from 9.000 till 80.000 E.     

NOTE: chronic patients cannot be treated in one session only, therefore we recommend to sign up for

Minor Ailments

Price options:

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Preventive Medicine

Diagnostics – Price options:

  • wellness sheeck -up  20 – 50 e each test
  • EPD Test   5 – 20 e each test
  • VEGA Test   5 – 20 e each test
  • HRV Screening 20 – 50 e
  • B.R.S Functional Test – screening   20 e (1 organ test report writing format)
  • B.R.S Functional Test -sceening  120 e (10 organ test 1 organ test report writing format)
  • B.R.S Full body scan and analysis  650 e  (65 organs 1 organ test report writing format)

Expert analysis  – Price options:

  • 1 organ analysis             25 e
  • 10 organs analysis      100 e
  • Full body analysis       500 e


Executive Health Check-up

Package 150 e

• Comprehensive medical history review and physical examination
• Preventive screening tests
• BCA (Body Composition Analysis)

• Report & recommendations

Coaching services:

  • 150 e per hour any topic requested

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Life Coaching Costs

Life coaching services are available in person or by phone on a weekly, bimonthly or monthly basis.

Our fee for Life Coaching is available on request.  Call now to arrange your free 20 minute consultation.

We can then agree on a subsequent programme that meets your needs and fits in with your schedule and budget.

Consultation fees:

  1. 125 e/session (1-2 hours)
  2. 350 e/package of   5 consultations
  3. 750 e/package of 10 consultations

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Our TBR Centar And Distance Programs


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Our Distance Care Programs provide essential supplements to detox as well as to boost your immune system. These programs are for people who do not need to come to the clinic as their health condition is not serious or are not able to come to the Clinic in Serbia because their current state of health does not permit it.

As soon as you enroll in any of our programs, we will send you the T.B.R (Total Bodu Repair) Package and other basic herbal products directly to your home so that you can start without delay.

Our remedies are not the common brands found in most Health Shops as we have sourced the most pure and effective remedies for patients from laboratories that specialize in providing to Professionals in Health Care Clinics that provide the following benefits:

  • detoxing
  • strengthening the immune system
  • neutralizing micro organisms
  • fighting inflammation
  • balancing vital systems such as the nervous, digestive or hormonal system

ISCLAIMER: Please note that there is no assurance of achieving a desired or specific result in treatment. Although everything possible is done to ensure a positive outcome, each patient responds differently to care. Your progress in treatment is based on many factors, including your commitment to making lifestyle changes, compliance with suggestions, and adherence to the treatment plan. The treatment we propose should not be used in place of the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider. Always consult with your physician or other qualified health care provider before making any changes to your healthcare routine. By commencing treatment, you agree that our company is not responsible for the success or failure of the treatment outcome.